November  To    March

 Temperature drops down to sub zero. Adequate  cold climate clothing is required during day and night

April    To     October

Climate remains pleasant. The days are fairly warm but nights are cold. Hence light winter clothing is required during this period. During July and August, the rains are heavy and raincoats / ponchos are required for outdoor training


The Institute provides Technical equipment. In case students posses some equipment of their own, they are welcome to bring the same with them. ALL STUDENTS (BOTH MALE AND FEMALE) MUST ENSURE THAT THEY BRING THE FOLLOWING:


S no Items Quantity
1 Headlamp / torch with Spare Batteries 1
2 Balaclava (Fleece/woolen) 1
3 Sun Cap / light hat for trekking 1
4 SPF Cream/ Sun Cream 1
5 Sun/ Snow Glasses (dark) 1
6 Waterproof cover for turban (for those who wear turban) 1
7 Lip Guard / balm 1
1 Warm shirt full sleeves 1
2 Base layer (thermals) 1
3 T-shirts & shirt  nylon 2
4 Fleece Jacket 1
5 Down Jacket / heavy woolen pullover 1
6 Wind & Rain Proof Outer Shell 1
1 Fleece / Woolen gloves 1 pair
2 Water resistant Gloves 1 pair
1 Base layer (thermals) 1
2 Trekking Trouser 1
3 Wind/Rain proof Pant 1
1 Cotton socks 3 pair
2 Woolen socks 3 pair
3 Hiking / trekking shoes with rubber sole 1
4 Floaters / sleeper 1
1 Poncho/ light weight umbrella/raincoat/ rain sheets 1
2 Polythene Sheet for Rucksack (80 kgs) 2
3 Undergarment set As required
4 Toilet requisites As required
5 Note book & pen 1 set
6 Repair kit (needle, thread) 1 set
7 Personal Medicine If  required


Physical fitness: Though no special training is necessary to join the courses, the students are advised to do jogging and long walks. They should be physically fit and mentally robust and be able to with stand the rigors of snow and high altitude.

Medical Standards

In order to minimize the injuries to students during course, all students should undergo a thorough medical examination before joining. Students suffering from following diseases should avoid applying for the courses.

                (a)     Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

                (b)     History of pleurisy or asthma.

                (c)     Frequent attacks of pharyngitis or sinusitis.

                (d)     BP should not be more than 140 mm Hg Systolic and 90 mm Hg Diastolic.

                (e)     Students should not be suffering from osteoarthritis, sacro sciatic syndrome, in growing toenails, multiple corn, internal derangements of knee, inguinal hernia, varicose veins and recurrent dislocation of shoulder joints.

                (g)     Student should not be an old case of High Altitude Illness/ Cold injury.

Medical Examination on arrival at School

                (a)     Medical examination at the School will be carried out immediately on arrival.

              (b)      Proper personal hygiene and sanitation to be maintained.


Documentation of the students will be done on arrival.

Unsuitable Candidates

Students found unsuitable for a course due to lack of professional aptitude or when found guilty on disciplinary grounds will be returned back. Any student missing training curriculum for more than two days of total working days for any reason will also be returned back. liquor consumption and smoking is strictly prohibited . anyone found in possession of it will be sent back home.

Loss/Damage to Equipment

Most of the equipment / clothing issued to the students is imported and very costly. In case of loss or damage to the equipment / clothing or any other item provided/ issued to the students, full cost of the item will be recovered from the individual concerned.


(a) Training Fee should be remitted through a Bank Draft, payable at State Bank of India Munsiyari (Branch Code :003556)  in favour of PNSMTI, Munsiyari Uttarakhand . PART PAYMENT, CHEQUES. MONEY ORDERS, POSTAL ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

(b) Fee includes expenses on food, accommodation, equipment, transportation, medicines and other training expenses during the course.


Cancellation of seat two months earlier entitles refund of fee with 25% deduction. Once participated in the course, training fee will not be refunded or transferred.



Forward the following details for Government clearance:

(a) Name in Block Letters (b) Father’s Name (c) Date of Birth (d) Educational Qualifications (e) Occupation

(f) Permanent Address (g) Postal Address (h) Passport No (i) Visa details (j) Married / Unmarried

For any Query :


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